The most advanced cloud-based EHR

DriCloud helps doctors and medical centers to manage their 1.640.000 patients in 12 countries


Ease and intuitive to use. Customizable to fit any medical spaciality


Complies with Data Protection Agencies and encryption requirements


We store patient’s data on Microsoft Cloud. Access anywhere&anytime


Get your website and online appointments with subscription


DriCloud, the most complete solution


iPad & iPhone App


TouchID instant access


On-line Appointments


E-Signature for consent forms


The most advance medical calendar

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Medical billing and financial information

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IDC-10 coding done fast and easy

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Your profesional Website with online-appointment in 5 minutes

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E-signature on your iPad

100% legal e-signature for consent forms and invoices


DriCloud will fit your business:

– Small practices

– Medical groups

– Large medical centers



sepamCentro de Naturopatía Integral. Del. Benito Juarez. Mexico. Dr. Rogelio García Perez  
itopsDriCloud commands a fine visual appearance, whilst easy and intuitive to use. A rare convergence of art and technology. iTOPS. Mexico. CEO: Edgar Hernandez  
timthumb.php A powerful solution for today's medical practices. Dr. Galindo. Medical Director. Instituto Madrileño de Traumatología  
BretonVery satisfied. I can access medical records and solve administrative issues from home or on travel.Madrid. Dr. Fernandez Bretón  
MeneguettiDr. Meneghetti. Iridology & Phytotherapy. Uruguay.  
timthumb.php-3 Quick and easy to use. Now I have more time in my hands. Dr. Reverte . Family Doctor. Madrid
SpaMedical SPA Centre. Mexico. Dr. Oliva  
VitalurgVitalurg Centre. Home Clinical Assistance. Madrid. Dr. Portero  
  Dr Beatriz Includes the Odontogram for dentists. DriCloud is economical, very fast and easy to use. Dr. Martens. Director, Odontology Clinic
colegio médicos melillaPerfectly suited for my otolaryngology clinic. Dr. Delgado. President, Medical Council of Melilla
RegeneracionThrilled with DiCloud. We can access the system from the surgery room to upload photos, reports, issue invoices, etc. Spanish Society of Regenerative Surgery, Madrid.  
RMNI have regained control of my appointment schedule. Excellent integration of medical imagery into medical records. Open Magnetic Resonance Centre, Madrid. Dr. Gutierrez Acosta  
incomaAllows patients to set up appointments over the Internet.Centre for Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy INCOMA. Madrid. D. Tiago Studart
RabatDr. Rabat. The Foot Clinic. Hospital Quirón, Barcelona.  
domusDomus. Medicina Geriátrica a Domicilio. Murcia, España. Dr. Bernard Sestier  
Dr MuñozHelps save on costs, on medical care and brings more patients into my clinic. Dr. Muñoz. Director, Integrated Psycotherapy Centre. Talavera de la Reina.  
SalusOdontological Medical Institute SALUS. Madrid. Dr. Diaz  
  timthumb.phpBest EHR software I have ever seen, Madrid. Dr. Fco. De Borja Serrano
Dr. Sanz Herranz. The best I have seen. Of great help to manage my clinic and provides compliance with the Data Protection Law. Director, Centre for General and Gastrointestinal Surgery. Madrid.
AcalMusculoskeletal Surgeons Association. Madrid. Dr. Ferreira (Medical Director, Infanta Leonor Hospital)  
  Traumaadvance Dr. Gassó & Dr. Soler. Traumaadvance. Clínica Teknon. Barcelona.


“DriCloud, a successful business in Europe and Latin America”


“DriCloud focus on Security and Data Protection”

La Razón

“DriCloud’s cloud based Electronic Medical Record software, improves quality on clinics”

Diario ABC

“DriCloud leads cloud adoption on Medical Centers”

FAQs. Click here to access Frequently Asked Questions

What advantages do I have when it comes to having a Cloud based clinic management system?


  • DriCloud, is a clinic management software service based in the Cloud. the only requirement is an Internet connection to access all of the functionalities associated with your medical practice at anytime anywhere in the World be it with your laptop, tablet, smartphone, mobile phone or desk top computer. You will be able to access your patients data and medical records even if your are not in your clinic or practice.


Is my data safe and secure with DriCloud?


  • The security threshold used by DriCloud for its client data is similar to that used in the on-line banking system across the European Union. Within the Cloud all of the data stored is encrypted into 256 bits and protected by firewalls that block non authorized access. The data centers used by DriCloud are protected 24/7 by armed guards in maximum security centers. Furthermore, our software service automatically generate back-up copies that are stored in different geographical locations to maximize the overall security of our software service.


What happens if the server fails?


  • The Microsoft Data Centers used by DriCloud are amongst the most advanced in the world. Availability to DriCloud is 99,9%, or in other words it is always available.


When can I start using DriCloud?


  • Once you have subscribed to the service we should be in a position to provide you with the user names and the password within 15 minutes.


Do I need training to start using DriCloud?


  • No. Once you begin using DriCloud we will give you access to our video tutorials for each profile user. Depending on the staff profile at the clinic it is only necessary for each of them to watch they applicable video. it is easy and intuitive to use and in just a few minutes the whole clinic staff should be in a position to use and operate DriCloud.


Do I need to make any kind of investment to acquire or use DriCloud in my clinic?


  • None whatsoever. You will not need to buy servers, not software licences nor make any maintenance expenditures. You will not have to pay any upfront fees either to sign up to DriCloud. You will see very quickly how you can start saving on your IT and your increased productivity will result in higher profits.


Does DriCloud provide me with my own website and on-line appointment service for my patients?


  • DriCloud includes on its software service an easy to use capability to create and maintain the clinic’s own website. the website will be optimized for SEO so that search engines will be able to locate the clinic on the Internet and will maximize the opportunities to be ranked within the first few pages in Google.
  • Included as well is a secure on-line appointment service in real time for your patients.


Can I send reminders to my patients using DriCloud?


  • Yes. you can create patient groups using certain profile criteria and send them a group email to generate calls for regular check ups of follow up visits to the doctor. works very well to increase the flow of patients into the clinic and enables you to send informational material to specific groups according to their age,location, medical condition, etc with just one click.
  • Moreover, the software sends automatic reminders to patients with appointments 48 and 24 hours before their scheduled visit to the clinic so to minimize the number of no-shows.


What is DriCloud capacity to create statistics for medical research purposes?


  • With DriCloud you will be able to obtain segmented patient lists according to the medical research your clinic may be conducting (patients that share a particular diagnosis, treated with an specific therapeutic drug; patients that have been requested to perform a particular diagnostic test; patients that have been operated on with a particular pathology or implant, etc.)
  • You will be able to create many kinds of statistical information for the administrative, economic, payment to doctors, use of the clinic’s own stock, etc. purposes.


How does on-line support work with driCloud?


  • Email is 24/7 and phone during normal working hours. All included in our monthly fee.


What is the difference between the 3 different payment plans of DriCloud? 


  • The software service provided by DriCloud are exactly the same under the 3 payment plans with the main difference being the number of users for each of the plans.
  • El The Professional payment plan is designed to be used by one medical professional with one or two assistants.
  • El The Medical Clinic plan, is for clinics with 3 to 30 users.
  • The Large Medical Centre plan is for an unlimited amount of users. When subscribing to the DriCloud software service, the monthly subscription will include all services and functionalities with access to every module and user profiles, a 24 hour technical support and a professional Website for your clinic with a Blog and an on-line appointment interface .

What happens if I cannot work with DriCloud and I would like to drop out from the service?


  • With just one click you will be able to download all the data from your Cloud and take it elsewhere. At anytime you can notify DriCloud of your wish to be ceased from the service without cost or penalty to your clinic.