A comprehensive management tool for the medical clinic

Beyond software, discover DriCloud


Microsoft Cloud

Maximum Security

Access anywhere and anytime


24 hrs maintenance

A dedicated team of professionals working for you


Safe data storage

A daily security back-up of your data

Our team is responsible for the data management and the daily data backups
stored in two different geographical locations for your security

Your own Website, domain.com

Raise the Internet profile of your medical clinic

Attracting new patients begins with a professional website, a domain and emails with your domain name

On-line appointments

On-line appointments for your patients


Marketing tools for your clinic

Increase patient flow, raise your revenues

DriCloud provides an advanced delivery system of marketing materials and a customized emailing service that can segment and differentiate among different types of patients

Drug Prescriptions

A customized format

No more handwriting of prescriptions
Bar coded prescriptions issued and configured automatically directly from the patients screen during the medical visit.

Communicating with patients

Appointment remainders to patients

Our system automatically sends email reminders to patients 24 hrs and 48 hrs before the appointment. Unlimited number at no extra cost

DriCloud is a web based software for the medical clinic that was created to bring the best Cloud technology of maximum accessibility and data security at an affordable cost

Our business model at DriCloud is coined as ‘Software as a Service’ or ‘SaaS’ that allows customers to eliminate the need to invest in new software packages that all too often become outdated relatively quickly.
This is because until recently the vast majority of software consumers, both individuals and professionals, had no choice but to buy software for the exclusive use of one or a few computers. Each user was required to invest a large sum of money on something that will eventually generate frustration of staying more or less obsolete.
The development of Cloud, which is nothing but the transfer of the software and the data to an external server, has generated a degree of flexibility that did not exist until it became widely available. The user is then freed from any responsibility of having to upgrade the system aside from the fact that the Cloud is a lot more affordable to use.