Practice Management

A comprehensive and intelligent resource management


Schedules and patient appointments

Medical visits, diagnostic tests and surgery reports

DriCloud is designed to handle the different scheduling demands of a clinic: It will prevent patient no-shows by emailing a remainder of the patient appointment.

It has a simple system to remind the receptionist that a patient is delayed and allows for the possibility of immediate rescheduling to another time.

The clinic manager can display all kinds of stats and thereby obtain the information necessary to identify the nature of those who are delayed or have cancelled appointments.


Control of patient waiting times

Ensure an optimal working environment for doctors, nurses and professionals to promote business success

DriCloud has been prepared to manage and optimize one of the most visible aspects of the visit to the doctor: patient waiting time.

From the time the patient is admitted in reception to the time spent in front of the doctor, a timer runs automatically, offering clinicians objective information on the time it takes the patient to go through the medical visit.

The clinic manager has then access to the necessary information to take decisions on how best to use the clinic resources for a more efficient use of waiting times. The optimization of quality of care is the underlying objective of this functionality.

Undoubtedly, it will help improve the reputation of the clinic as well as the level of patient satisfaction.


Managing patient flow

A clinic with a diversity of time slots and different medical specialties require additional monitoring of the practicing physicians.

The manager of the clinic can analyze the balance between supply and demand for the medical services and get and objective measurement of supply and demand of the various slots.


Inventory management

Like any business that requires stock to operate, it is always advised to use an efficient control system.

The clinic can input into DriCloud the list of consumables used during patient visits with a full product description, number of items in stock and a photo for identification.

The profiling system used by DriCloud allows for the clinic manager to identify the author of each entry or exit of stock.


Invoicing and budgets

Control of revenues from private patients and insurance patients

The system handles billing system aimed at both the patient and their health insurance.

Facilitates a more efficient debt collection process and provides an effective monitoring tool to compare with the lists sent by the insurance companies. Any differences are easily spotted reducing the time to resolve them.

DriCloud also has a budgeting system that allows the clinic to give its patients a detailed account of costs associated to a particular treatment, surgery or diagnostic test in particular.

The administrator can keep track of the current or future requirements of the clinic