The EHR for the Dentist

Over 50 medical doctors and dentists have contributed to the creation of all functionalities of DriCloud so it fit the needs in Dentistry


The dentist visit in 3 clicks

Quick, easy and intuitive

The EHR cloud based software, allows the dentist to conduct the patient visit with just one screen without having to switch to others looking for information, which is distracting, often annoying and wastes precious time.

All relevant documents stay attached to the patient’s patient medical record for that visit and can be accessed at a later time to review of the clinical history.

Dentists may perform retrospective clinical studies and search for interesting clinical cases within minutes using keywords.

DriCloud has made a special effort to assist dentist whenever they conduct clinical research programs.


Profesional odontogram & dental charts

DriCloud lets you choose between different odontograms & dental charts.

Choose yourself the one that fits your needs best.


Efficient management of images, reports and invoices

The dentist, nurses or assistants can quickly upload radiology images, photographs, reports or invoices in each patient visit.

DriCloud is compatible with any text editor (Microsoft Word, Pages, Open Office…), spreadsheets (Microsoft Excel, Numbers, Open Office…), image processing or photo editor, which enables the storage of any kind of useful patient information.


Electronic prescriptions and consent forms in one click

From the patient’s electronic medical record the dentist can issue prescriptions to patients and print them however many times are required.

The system facilitates access to the necessary documents for each patient visit. The dentist does not have to rely on a nurse or and assistant to provide the documentation required by law. Each physician makes sure that the patient has had access to these legal documents speeding up the process for the patient as well.


High quality print forms in just 1 click


Real Time Dashboard:

Each patient visit becomes an exercise of coordination between different diagnostic tests coming from different providers of analytical tests such as X-rays, lab test, etc. together with the ones that are conducted in the dentist’s clinic.


Get your profesional Website ready in minutes

Even if you never done it before, it is so simple that DriCloud’s software allows you to create in less than 5 minutes your whole medical website.

It can be customized with your own photos, comments, contact address, email , etc.

Any changes or updates can be done within minutes.

A Blog is included in the website to tell your patients and peers of your own experiences and clinical cases.

If you already have a website for your medical center or clinic, you can use this additional website to increase your online presence and attract greater flow of patients to your clinic.